MBC Mat Board Center – Product Description

MBC Mat Board Center – Product Description

MBC Mat Board Center – Product Description

MBC Mat Board Center – Product Description

Are you looking for high-quality photo picture mats and backing boards for your precious pictures and photos? Look no further! The MBC Mat Board Center offers a pack of 50, 11×14 mats specially designed for 8×12 photos. With its white color and acid-free composition, these mats are perfect for framing your memories and preserving them for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 50 mats
  • 11×14 size for 8×12 photos
  • White color
  • Acid-free
  • 4-ply thickness
  • Includes backing boards
  • Clear bags for protection

Preserve Your Memories

With the MBC Mat Board Center, you can ensure that your precious pictures and photos are well-protected. The acid-free composition of these mats prevents yellowing and deterioration, keeping your memories vibrant and intact. The 4-ply thickness adds durability and stability, making them perfect for framing.

Easy to Use

These mats are designed for convenience. The 11×14 size is compatible with 8×12 photos, providing a perfect fit. The pack of 50 ensures that you have enough mats for multiple projects. The included backing boards offer additional support and the clear bags provide protection against dust and moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use these mats for other photo sizes?

While these mats are specifically designed for 8×12 photos, you can also use them for smaller sizes by centering the photo on the mat.

2. Are the mats easy to cut for custom sizes?

Yes, the mats can be easily cut with a mat cutter or a sharp craft knife to fit your desired custom sizes.

3. Are the mats suitable for professional framing?

Absolutely! The MBC Mat Board Center mats are of professional quality and are widely used by photographers and artists for framing their work.


The MBC Mat Board Center pack of 50, 11×14 for 8×12 white color photo picture mats, backing boards, and clear bags is the perfect choice for preserving and framing your pictures and photos. With its acid-free composition, 4-ply thickness, and convenient packaging, these mats offer both quality and convenience. Don’t let your memories fade away, invest in the MBC Mat Board Center mats today!