OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers – Waterproof and Durable

OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers – Waterproof and Durable

OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers – Waterproof and Durable

OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers – Waterproof and Durable


The OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers are designed to protect your luxury outdoor furniture from all weather conditions. Made from a thick, high-tech 420 Denier Oxford fabric, these covers are durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant. With revolutionary upgraded designs and premium quality, your patio furniture will be safeguarded for years to come.

Revolutionized Upgraded Designs and Premium Quality for Impeccable Durability

100% Waterproof / Weatherproof

The heavy-duty Rip-Stop fabric used in these covers is resistant to ripping and tearing, ensuring long-lasting protection for your patio furniture. The weatherproof design shields your furniture from dust, dirt, sun, rain, and heavy snow, making these covers suitable for year-round use.

Tape Sealing at All Seams

Seam sealer tape is applied during the manufacturing process to minimize the possibility of water penetrating the patio sofa cover at all seams. The groundbreaking technics used ensure that the sealing tape will not rip in any harsh weather conditions.

Sturdy and Long Straps

The straps on these covers are thickened and widened, made from high-density fabric. This makes them highly resistant to tearing in extreme weather. The great durability of these straps ensures that your luxury furniture remains protected.

Classic but Impressive Product Details Offer Extra Protection

Sturdy Dual Handles

The handles on these covers are strategically placed for easy removal or fitting. The delicate sew-in details provide extra durability, ensuring that the handles withstand regular use.

Air Vents for Circulation

Strategically placed air vents allow ample airflow through the cover, preventing billowing while keeping the rain out. This ventilation system ensures that your furniture remains dry and protected.

Straps & Buckles

Built-in thickened straps and ultra-robust buckles help keep the cover secured to your furniture, even in high wind areas. These straps and buckles provide extra security, ensuring that the cover stays in place.

Durable Elastic Hem Cord

An elastic hem cord with toggles allows for adjustment, ensuring a tight custom fit. This feature is available for sofas without legs, providing a secure and snug cover for your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size of furniture does this cover fit?

A: The OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers are suitable for large indoor or outdoor sectional furniture, with a size of 137″ L x 102″ W x 35″ H. They also apply to 8-10 seat rattan/deck/wicker L-shaped, V-shaped couch furniture, and rectangle/oval garden dining table chairs. Please check the size of your furniture before purchasing.

Q: How can I ensure better protection against water leakage?

A: We recommend placing a slightly higher object under the patio cover to raise up the middle part and form a small hill. This will allow water to flow down and reduce the impact of water leakage, providing better protection for your furniture.

Q: What if I have questions about the quality and instructions during use?

A: If you have any questions or concerns about the quality or instructions during use, our team will be happy to assist you. Please reach out to us, and we will provide the necessary support.


The OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers are the perfect solution to protect your luxury outdoor furniture. With their waterproof and weatherproof design, these covers ensure that your furniture remains safe from dust, dirt, sun, rain, and heavy snow. The revolutionary upgraded designs, premium quality, and impressive product details offer extra protection and durability. Available in a universal size, these covers fit large sectional sofas, dining tables, and chairs. Invest in the OKJ Patio Furniture Set Covers and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furniture is well-protected.